The cover provides a cash lump sum towards funeral expenses to the deceased’s nominated beneficiary or to the policyholder. The benefit extends to parents including in-law parents and covers up to eight (8) extended members at affordable premiums. The maximum cover that can be selected by the main member is P50, 000.00.

The BBS Group Funeral Plan is underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Botswana. With this partnership, we ensure that our clients receive the highest standards of service and protection during their time of need.

Maatla Benefits

Maatla is a Setswana word that embodies the essence of empowerment and financial support during the challenging period of losing a loved one. It signifies the ability to offer strength and financial stability to ensure a dignified burial for the departed. Through BBS Bank Maatla Funeral Plan, we extend our support by providing coverage for the demise of either the main member or a cherished family member, offering peace of mind during difficult times.

What is other value-ads for the Funeral plan?


The BBS Bank Maatla Funeral Plan provides optional Value-add features such as;

  • Tombstone Benefit: Assisting in the cost of erecting a dignified tombstone to honor the memory of the departed.
  • Grocery Benefit: Offering financial assistance to help alleviate the immediate burden of grocery expenses for the family.
  • Income Benefit: Providing a supplementary income to the family to help bridge financial gaps during the challenging period following the loss.
  • Décor Benefit: Aiding in covering expenses related to the decor and arrangements for the funeral service, ensuring a respectful and memorable farewell.

These value-added features are designed to offer comprehensive support beyond the basic funeral coverage.

Target Market

The Maatla Funeral plan is accessible to all BBS Bank current and ordinary savings accountholders. Customers can open the BBS Bank current and ordinary savings accounts at any nearest branch to be eligible to apply for the funeral plan.

What are the standard terms and conditions?

  • Accidental death is covered immediately.
  • Maximum Age for main - member is 65 years.
  • Maximum Age for partner is 85 years.

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