Bond Calculator

This financial calculator will give you an indication of a mortgage loan amount you qualify for over various years. Enter your gross salary and the number of years you wish to pay you loan over, then click calculate to get information about your payment plan. The minimum and maximum numbers of years that one can pay their loan over are 5 and 30 respectively.

How to use the Calculator

Type in your monthly gross income (single or joint) and the number of months that you would like to repay your mortgage bond over (this may vary between 5 and 30 years, e.g. 10 years = 120 months). Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to view your result.

What will this Calculate

It calculates the maximum home loan amount that you may qualify for and the monthly repayment.

Gross Monthly Income (BWP)
Interest Rate (% per annum)                
NOTE: On Intrest Rate 10.26% loans are not available below 5years...
Repayment Term (# months)

Monthly Installment
Maximum Home Loan Amount (BWP)
The Maximum Home Loan Amount indicated may vary according to your personal financial situation.

Investment Calculator

This financial calculator will help you find out what it will take to reach your investment goal. Enter your saving plan and view your graphical results. Click the report button to get more information about your plan and what you can do to make sure that it is on track.


This calculator is designed to help you estimate your interest earned and final balance from a monthly savings investment.

  • Enter your investment and savings amounts, the interest rate and term of the investment.
  • Click once on the "Calculate" button to view your result.             
Initial Investment (BWP)
Monthly Savings (BWP)
Interest Rate (% per annum)
Term of Investment (# months)

Total Amount Invested (BWP)
Interest Earned (BWP)
Final Balance (BWP)


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